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Small Businesses

Technology That Fits Your Business

Small businesses don't necessarily need the same technology as larger businesses.

Whereas large and even medium-sized businesses can often justify the extra expense of, and commitment to, proprietary technology solutions, small business are often better off using "off-the-shelf" solutions. Proven "off-the-shelf" solutions" are can be less expensive, easier to learn, more reliable, and less restrictive in the long run than proprietary solutions.

Sure, their are circumstances that require proprietary solutions for unique situations, but those should only be adopted after more widely available, less-expensive solutions have been thoroughly explored and rejected. That does not mean, however, that real effectiveness should ever be compromised in the pursuit of "cheaper" solutions

Our Approach

JRS Solutions believes that every technology recommendation should be thoughtfully tailored, both in terms of effectiveness and cost-to-benefit, to fit the individual business's particular circumstances.

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Sidebar Stuff

Did You Know?

That many "off-the-shelf" solutions offered by different manufactuers, e.g., Microsoft and Adobe, offer features that enchance interoperability between their respective software packages?

E.g., installing Adobe Acrobat Professional software simultaneously creates buttons in certain Microsoft Office programs that make the creation of Adobe Acrobat documents from those programs very easy.