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PDF Design

About Adobe Acrobat PDF

Typically, when people think of Adobe Acrobat PDF, they think of the ubiquitous (and free) Adobe Reader that most people have installed on their computers, which allows them to view and interact with .pdf files.

Adobe Acrobat is actually a family of products/technologies oriented around the creation, distribution and use of electronic documents.

Acrobat documents range from fairly simple PDF documents originally created in, for example, Microsoft Word, all the way up to complex 3D CAD documents originally created in their native CAD applications (and much in between).

Some of the more salient characteristics of PDF documents (PDFs):

Our Approach

JRS Solutions is highly experienced in the design, creation and deployment of advanced PDF documents using the latest Acrobat Professional software from Adobe.

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Did You Know?

That a collection of PDF files can act as an easily searchable database? It's true — Acrobat offers a text-based PDF search function in both the free Acrobat Reader and full Acrobat programs that allows global keyword searches of all PDFs located in a particular folder/directory.

Adobe offers version upgrades of its Acrobat software (including the free Adobe Reader) about every 18 months. Bug fixes and other enhancements are offered more frequently. JRS Solutions highly recommends that you download/install and keep current the latest Adobe Reader to take advantage of the new features and operating enhancements