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Multimedia Design

Bandwith, Codecs & Multimedia Design

No longer in its infancy, digital audio-video (multimedia) is now an integral part of the web experience. One only has to browse sites like iTunes, CNN, The New York Times, and YouTube (to name but a few) to discover the rich content being offered in a wide variety of audio-video formats, e.g., mp3, Flash video, Apple QuickTime, Windows Media, and much more.

Because it is still a limited-bandwith medium, the web offers unique challenges to web designers trying to design rich multimedia content that loads quickly, yet at the same time preserves the essential quality of the source material. This is particulary true regarding web video, which by its very nature is "heavy" in terms of the amount of digital information being presented, and, thus, can make substantial demands on bandwith (and web visitors' patience).

Enter the term "codecs." Codecs are algorithm-based "mini"-programs that compress the audio or video file for downloading/streaming to a web site. The file is then decompressed (using a compatible codec) via a multimedia player for listening/viewing by the web site visitor. Different codecs can vary widely in their effectiveness.  Unfortunately, even using the right codec doesn't guarantee quality results in the hands of an inexperienced developer.

Our Approach

For the benefit of our clients, JRS Solutions has invested the capital in, and (more importantly) taken the time to become proficient in, such industry-leading compression/decompression technologies as those offered by Sorenson Media, On2 Technologies, Apple QuickTime Pro, and others.

JRS Solutions also offers basic audio-video pre-production services such as concept development, script-writing and resource/asset identification and assembly, plus post-production audio and video editing and enhancement.

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Sidebar Stuff

Did You Know?

That some video-audio technologies (e.g., Apple QuickTime) are both codecs and a "digital container format"? This can lead to some confusion among inexperienced developers when it comes to employing the right combination of codecs and container formats (sometimes called "wrappers") for a given multimedia project.

In addition to choosing the right codec and format, it's essential that the developer be familiar with the appropriate frame rates, key frames, bit types (e.g., constant vs. variable), bit depths, sample data rates, color depths, etc., that a particular deployment calls for.

JRS Solutions fully understands these concepts and how they might best apply to your project.