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Flash Design

About Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is actually a family of products/technologies oriented around delivering rich animation, video/audio, and web applications via small-weight files that interact with, and are displayed on, the Flash Player.

The Flash Player is available as a free plug-in for the major browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox ) and as a stand-alone media player.

Flash is an important web technology because of its ubiquity (it's installed in 90%+ of browsers) and ability to deliver high-quality animations, videos, and rich internet applications over limited bandwith (i.e., the internet).

Many people think of Flash as primarily a vehicle for web animation or video, but the truth is Flash is highly programmable and and suitable for complex web and offline applications.

Our Approach

JRS Solutions specializes in producing reasonably-priced animated Flash web graphics, banners, photo animations, integrated video, and other web-oriented graphics and multi-media applications.

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Sidebar Stuff

Did You Know?

That Flash is perhaps the premiere vehicle for displaying high-quality, fast loading video on your website? It's true — unlike other media players, Flash makes it easy to design video right into the look/feel of your website without the necessity of a separate pop-up player.

Among other cool features, the Flash Player now supports video transparancy; so, for example, it's possible to make it look like someone is literally walking across your web page while speaking to you — and that's just scratching the surface.